Inspired by Goats,

Designed for g.o.a.t.

For G.O.A.T.

We are developing a Trail Running shoe with an outsole inspired by hooves of mountain goats.
The idea was to draw inspiration from one of the best climbers in the animal kingdom to help runners to excel thanks to a new and innovative outsole structure.
We also aim to reduce the carbon cost of our shoe and to increase the lifespan via un matériau développé à partir de keratin waste unused.

Keratin intermediate filament.


As the transformation of unused keratin into a bio-composite was not unprecedented, we decided to take the research further in order to develop an efficient and sustainable material, suitable for mountain running. The hooves, made of keratin, show a perfect resistance to the mountain environment.
This composite would allow us to solve the pollution problems linked to a classic trail running shoe.

Alpine ibex Hooves


Thousands years of evolution have forged the hooves of goats to help them move smoothly on any cliffside. Its concave hooves act like suction cups and adhere to nearly vertical walls. The two parts at the front, which are independent of each other, allow them to adapt to the irregularities of the ground.
It is therefore rare to be able to follow them in the heights.

Ibex over a cliff

By Goats…

Accustomed to steep walls or sheer cliffs, the different species of goats live mainly in the Alps. Located in the heart of Europe, the Alps are one of the largest and highest mountain ranges in the world. With this project, we also make it a point of honour to join the fight to save the Alps and the biodiversity that evolves there.

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When nature inspires a sustainable innovation

Battiste Deiana, in Swiss

Reading Time: 4 min.

When nature inspires a sustainable innovation

Battiste Deiana, in Swiss

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